AVG Remover

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AVG Remover allows you to completely uninstall detected AVG products from your computer. Unfortunately, there are times when the traditional methods of using Add or Remove Programs/Uninstall Programs control panel is unable to properly uninstall a program. When this happens you can use the AVG Remover to [...]


By | 2017-04-13T10:13:03+00:00 April 13th, 2017|

CryptoSearch is a utility created by Michael Gillespie that allows you to clean up your computer of encrypted files and ransom notes from a ransomware infection. This tool identifies files encrypted by several types of ransomware families and provides the user with the option to copy or [...]

Emsisoft Emergency Kit

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Emsisoft Emergency Kit is a collection of standalone security programs and scanners that can be run from a USB key, bootable CD/DVD, or from within Windows Safe Mode without having to download and install a full security product. This program is very useful for infections, such as [...]

Zemana AntiMalware

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Zemana AntiMalware is a second opinion cloud based malware scanner that allows you to perform on demand scanning as necessary. Zemana AntiMalware does not currently offer real-time protection, but instead acts an extra utility in your security toolbox that is used to scan your machine for malware [...]


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RogueKillerCMD is the command line version of the RogueKiller anti-malware program and security utility. This program is designed to be used by power users in scripts or when there is no user interface available, such as Safe Mode with Command Prompt. Including the ability to scan for [...]

Camtasia Studio

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Camtasia lets you record a video of what’s on your computer screen. Use it to make lessons, tutorials, or product demos. Turn your screen recordings into compelling videos with Camtasia’s video editing tools, animations, and effects. The multi-track timeline expands to fit all your projects. Work on [...]

TechSmith Snagit

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Snagit is the premium tool for screen capture and screen recording on Windows and Mac. Combining traditional screenshots, videos, and image editing to help you share important information with the people who need it most. Leave coworkers and clients wondering how you responded so quickly. Reply with [...]