Checkcpu – newcpuspeed – cpuulover – streamer

Since the Autoit GoogleChrome. a3x worm, new variants are circulating like Checkcpu, CpuOptimizer, newcpuspeed, cpuulover, streamer. UsbFix in its latest verdion detects and removes all variants of this Autoit worm family (Worm. AutoIt).

Examples of registry entries created for newcpuspeed.

  • 04 – HKLM\..\Run : [CpuOptimizer] C:\newcpuspeed\Cpufix.exe “C:\newcpuspeed\cpuage.tnt”
  • 04 – HKLM\..\Run : [Checkcpu] D:\WINDOWS\system32\cmd.exe /c start C:\newcpuspeed\Cpufix.exe “C:\newcpuspeed\cpuage.tnt” & exit
  • 04 – HKCU\..\Run : [flaterem] C:\streamer\streamer.exe /AutoIt3ExecuteScript “C:\streamer\stream.txt”
  • 04 – HKCU\..\Run : [strdat] C:\Windows\system32\cmd.exe /c start C:\streamer\streamer.exe /AutoIt3ExecuteScript “C:\streamer\stream.txt” & exit
  • 04 – HKCU\..\Run : [cpuulover] C:\streamerdata\lover\cpuchecker.exe “C:\streamerdata\lover\cpuchecker.txt”
  • 04 – HKLM\..\Run : [newageishere] C:\newcpuspeed\radnewage.exe “C:\newcpuspeed\newradage.tnt”
  • 04 – HKLM\..\Run : [cpunewage] C:\Windows\system32\cmd.exe /c start C:\newcpuspeed\radnewage.exe “C:\newcpuspeed\newradage.tnt” & exit

How to remove newcpuspeed (Worm.AutoIt)

UsbFix removes this infection for free, download UsbFix, plug in all infected USB disks and run UsbFix. Click Start Analysis.

Checkcpu - newcpuspeed - cpuulover - streamer

Now click on Complete Scan and delete the detections at the end of the scan.

Checkcpu - newcpuspeed - cpuulover - streamer

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