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Avast Pro Antivirus 2016

Unlike many vendors, Avast doesn't limit use of its free product to personal use. You can use it at home, at work, wherever you like. In fact, the company even offers a free product aimed specifically at business use, with the centralized management that IT departments love. So, your choice whether to use the free or paid edition comes down to how much you value the additional features that you get by paying.

Those familiar with previous editions of this product will notice that the current edition has a very different appearance. The old model featured four big buttons in the middle, a left-side stack with seven more buttons, and a large status panel. In the current edition, most of the main window is empty space, with some abstract art in the corners. Four simple icons across the top are labeled Scan, Tools, Passwords, and Store.

PROS : Excellent scores in our antiphishing and malware-blocking tests. Very good scores from antivirus testing labs. Network security scan. Password manager Hardened browser. Protection against DNS hijacking. Sandbox for running suspect programs.

CONS : Slow malware scan. Some features require separate purchase. Password manager features limited. Some hardened browser features didn't work in testing. Advanced features may prove daunting for average users.

BOTTOM LINE : With Avast Pro Antivirus 2016 you get the same effective protection found in Avast's free edition along with a hardened browser, DNS protection, and sandboxing. Experts will love these advanced features, but for the average user the free edition is just fine.

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