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CCleaner Business Edition cleans unneeded files, recovers hard drive space, reduces crashes, speeds up Windows, and helps protect privacy and security. CCleaner Business Edition also cleans multiple user profiles, updates itself automatically, supports scripting, and comes with priority technical support. For maintaining desktops, servers, and virtual Endpoints, CCleaner Business is the most cost-effective solution.

Features of CCleaner Business Edition :

  • IT is the cost-effective way to keep Endpoints running like new, preventing business interruptions and ensuring that employees can get to work quickly. CCleaner Business Edition can clean Endpoints in under a minute, so there’s no downtime.
  • One-click cleaning Basic usage of CCleaner only requires one mouse click. It’s straightforward enough that any employee who can use email can use it, and it’s completely safe.
  • Supports all endpoints CCleaner Business Edition is designed to work on all Windows-based Endpoints in the organization. It supports physical Endpoints, virtual Endpoints, servers, and terminal services.
  • Cleans multiple user profiles he can clean all user accounts on a multi-user Endpoint at once.
  • Full customization CCleaner Business Edition enables granular control of what is cleaned and what is kept on an Endpoint. Advanced users or IT workers can also automate it using simple scripting. It can run on a schedule, clean custom applications, and more. No complicated programming language or knowledge is needed – scripting uses standard Windows text files.
  • Priority technical support the software comes with priority technical support by email, and our support representatives are trained in supporting small-to-medium businesses just like yours. They will resolve any issues in a quick and friendly manner.


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