Eset Sirefef Cleaner

Eset Sirefef Cleaner

Eset Sirefef CleanerEset Sirefef CleanerEset Sirefef CleanerEset Sirefef CleanerEset Sirefef Cleaner
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Editor : | Version : 2017 (last version)
Eset Sirefef Cleaner

Eset - Sirefef Cleaner

How to know if my computer is infected by Win32/Sirefef, Patched.B.Gen, or Conedex :

  • Your ESET product detects the threat Win32/Sirefef, Patched.B.Gen, or Conedex
  • You believe that you are infected with a rogue antivirus such as "Open Cloud Security"
  • You receive the message "Error communicating with kernel"
  • This malware is also known as "ZeroAccess" or "Max++" and ESET detects all variants of this threat as Win32/Sirefef

If you have an other antivirus you can use Eset Sirefef Cleaner but please, disable your main protection.

Eset Sirefef Cleaner