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Norton Security Deluxe 2016

Norton Security Deluxe combines excellent malware protection with one of the most compact and useful interfaces in the business. It has neither the fastest malware scanner, nor the one with the least impact on system performance, but it works unobtrusively in the background when no scan is running.

On the downside, Norton Security Deluxe had a significant performance impact during the test of Tomsguide PC during full scans, mistakenly flagged several pieces of harmless software as threats on Windows 7, and has relatively few features for its price. Notably, it lacks parental controls, which most mid-range antivirus products include by default.

The $80 Norton Security Deluxe license includes protection software for up to five Windows PCs, Macs or iOS and Android mobile devices. Most $80 mid-range packages cover only three devices, so this is a bonus. (Some online retailers offer a three-device version for about $70.)

But the versions of Norton Security vary widely by platform. The Mac version has built-in file encryption, yet lacks a password manager, while the reverse is true in Windows. The Windows version doesn't support Microsoft's new Edge browser. The iOS app doesn’t scan for malware and has far fewer features than its Android counterpart. (This review covers the Windows version.)

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Those with more than five systems to protect should consider Norton Security Premium, which covers up to 10 devices for $90 and adds parental controls, backup software and 25GB of cloud storage. If you've got only one PC or Mac, check out the $60 Norton Security Standard, which is otherwise identical to the Deluxe edition.

Norton offers a money-back guarantee if it can't remove every piece of malware, but the catch is that you've got to let trained Norton professionals take a look at your machine first.

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