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OS: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Info: 2030 downloads since 2020-03-16

More productive work with Office 2019 Professional

Write documents, establish financing plans, create presentations, add notes and stay in touch with colleagues by email: Office 2019 Professional offers all the essential applications to perform all tasks, in professional life as well as in life private. In its 2019 version, the software pack is still divided into different applications. In Office 2019 Professional, there is no connection to the cloud, as it was in Office 365. Instead, the entire package works entirely offline. It is only necessary to connect regularly to the internet to install functional and security updates. The pack is therefore suitable for companies or private users who are not yet ready to move to the cloud or who are not authorized to access it.

In 2019, Microsoft Word gets a facelift and notably offers better recognition of voice and pen input. Texts no longer have to be typed on the keyboard: styli, such as Microsoft's, associated with Surface devices allow you to write naturally in Word, the path then being translated into block letters. Voice input has also been improved, incorporating feedback from the Cortana Assistant into its functionality. This opens up new possibilities for users to use Microsoft Word and new ways to express their creativity. Of course, Word can also support other types of documents than the proprietary DOCX format.

For the spreadsheet of financial data, datasets, expenses, product names and other information, Office 2019 also offers Excel software. With this in mind, the application offers new functions and new graphics that greatly expand Excel’s ability to analyze data. It is above all companies that benefit from this advance because the data can be prepared and managed visually more clearly. PowerPoint has also been improved, so users can now zoom in or distort and move entire slides. This can result in clearer interactive presentations, which go further than what we know from regular PowerPoint presentations.

Outlook remains a central application of the Office 2019 Professional pack. The software not only manages all the user's email addresses, it also offers an overview of all known contacts as well as a calendar. Each contact can be enriched with an email address, telephone numbers, website URLs and other important information. Synchronization with Outlook on smartphone allows you to take all this data everywhere with you. Companies benefit the most: via the Exchange server, it is possible to share with all of its employees an up-to-date version of contact information and appointments. This Office pack is therefore not only effective for typical office tasks, it is also an excellent organizational tool.

Microsoft has also recognized the signs of the times and offers support for new technologies, such as 4K videos, in order to integrate them into PowerPoint presentations. Word is now mastering the use of freely adaptable SVG files, which on the one hand saves memory space and, on the other, significantly increases flexibility on a daily basis. In addition to Windows, the professional version of the Office 2019 pack is also compatible with recent versions of macOS and, in its server version, with Windows Server 2016. In all applications, Microsoft has also made it easier to secure, use and management of all programs. This produces a complete package with essential software that professional users should not have to give up.



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