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Editor : | Version : 2023 (last version)
Info: 2010 downloads since 2017-04-27

StupidDecryptor is a ransomware decryptor created by Michael Gillespie that decrypts files encrypted by various ransomware infections that are based off of the same source code. Using this decryptor, victims can recover their files for free without having to pay a ransom.

​StupidDecryptor currently supports the following encrypted extensions, but as many ransomware infections use the same extension, make sure to research whether this variant can be decrypted using this decryptor.

  • .android
  • .crypted
  • .deria
  • .devil
  • .FailedAccess
  • .fucked
  • .Harzhuangzi
  • .jeepers
  • .killedXXX
  • .lock
  • .Nazi
  • .powned
  • .SnakeEye
  • _crypt0
  • _nullbyte​

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