How Create a Topic

On this little tutorial we go explain you how to create a new topic on SosVirus Support very easily. To do that you just need to follow the steps bellow and look the pictures.

  • When you are at the main page of the support of SosVirus, click on the link : Virus, Trojan, Spyware, and Malware Removal Logs.
  • How Create a Topic

  • Now you are on the good forum to ask your questions, problems. Click on the button New Topic.
  • How Create a Topic

  • First Step : Give a name to your subject.
  • Second Step : Explain your problems, questions … Give a name to your subject.
  • Third Step : When you have finish to explain, click Submit.
  • How Create a Topic

  • You will be redirect on your topic. To finish, click on the little eyes icon on the top right of your topic.
  • How Create a Topic


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