How to Answer a Message

On this little tutorial we go explain you how to answer when you receive a reply to your topic on SosVirus Support very easily. To do that you just need to follow the steps bellow and look the pictures.

  • If you receive a reply on your topic you can see a notification.
  • Click on this notification.
  • Tutorial_ how_reply_topic_sosvirus_1

  • You can see the Reply of an Admin on this picture, it’s a link, you just need click on this link.
  • Tutorial_ how_reply_topic_sosvirus_2

  • You will be redirect on your topic. Click on the button Reply.
  • Tutorial_ how_reply_topic_sosvirus_3

  • Write your message then, click Submit.
  • Tutorial_ how_reply_topic_sosvirus_4

  • You will be redirect on your reply.
  • Tutorial_ how_reply_topic_sosvirus_5

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