How to activate UsbFix

Activation of UsbFix Premium may sometimes fail. To activate UsbFix Premium, you can generate a new license key from your UsbFix account. Here is a guide that details you how to activate UsbFix Premium.

Click on the My Account menu at the top of the page to access your personal space.

Now click on the orders menu.

Click on the License Manage link of your last order.

Disable and delete your license key.

At the bottom of the page, click the Regenerate License Key button to create a new license key.

The new license key is now available, you can activate your copy of UsbFix Premium.

On the My UsbFix Premium Account tab, enter your email address and your new license key, then click submit.

Your copy of UsbFix Premium is now activated. You can install and activate UsbFix Premium on 5 different computers.

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