How to reinstall Windows ?

If your PC or system is not working properly or creating an issues then reinstalling windows can be a perfect solution to enhance your system performance. It may be sound difficult but it is not like that. There are different reasons that you might want to reinstall your windows like your system is infected with virus or it is working very slowly all the time. As long as your system hardware has no problem, reinstalling window is a good option for speed up your computer performance. Here in this article we are discussing the reasons why windows slow down over the time.

Reasons of window slow down over time

There are many reasons that causes system slow down problems which can be resolved with reinstall window. Let’s read out some major reasons behind system down over time.

  • Startup programs: – check your window system that is responsible for slow down. You need to find different startup programs which have been installed, useless icons, lengthening the boot process, unnecessary captured memory in CPU and other system resources in the background. There are many computers comes with huge amount of useless startup programs where you need to remove all of them.

  • Explore plug-ins and more:- Shortcuts of the applications to Window Explorer context menu can take long time for making right-clicking on files if they are badly programmed. Other programs may install themselves which run automatically in the background even though you can see them. If they all are in the track or in the system tray then it can slow down the working process of your PC.

  • Heavy security suites:- Security suites such as Norton are mostly very heavy and take lot of resources that interrupt in the performing the system functions. It is good to install antivirus program instead of installing full security suite.

  • PC cleaning tools:- mostly, PC cleaning tools are scams that can directly impact on the your system performance and slow down its speed. This will be happen when they add themselves as startup program and run in the system background. These scam PC cleaning programs even install unnecessary spyware and other junks in the system. Therefore it is good to use authentic PC cleanser to enjoy its benefits.

  • Junk files:- Poor written applications can clutter your system by adding useless DLL files and load your registry with useless entries. The bad application will not clean your system properly and leave the stuff even after uninstalling them.

  • Browser toolbars: – Legitimate browser extension can hamper the speed of your browser but also put add-ons like the terrible toolbar that can slow down the things.

These are few reasons that can be resolved by window reinstallation. Apart from you should also install effective antivirus that keep your system safe and virus free.

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