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BeagleBrowser is a software usually installs without your knowledge vith the download of freeware. In fact some sites use the method of repackaging. This is an operation that is to redo the module software installation by adding download options. These options allow to add other software as for example toolbars browser, or potentially unwanted software. The addition of these new programs can decrease the performance of the system but also slow or redirect internet surfing. As a general rule, should focus on the author’s official site to download your software.
Identified the 07/30/2015.


– It belongs to a family of PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program).
– A polluteware is a software that pollutes storage and/or the Base of registers.
– Vendor : PUP.Optional

Main Actions

– It installs as a process launched at startup of the system (RP),
– It settled in the Base of registers to be launched each time with the system (O4).
– It installs as a program (O42),
– It creates to many registry keys ‘Software’
– It creates additional folders (O43),
– It moved to the Windows prefetcher folder (O45).
– It creates multiple files users (O61),
– It creates an active incoming connection in the application of the firewall Windows exceptions (O87),

– (.The BeagleBrowser Authors – BeagleBrowser.) — C:UsersCoolmanAppDataLocalBeagleBrowserApplicationbeaglebrowser.exe
O4 – HKCU..Run: . (.The BeagleBrowser Authors – BeagleBrowser.) — C:UsersCoolmanAppDataLocalBeagleBrowserApplicationbeaglebrowser.exe
O4 – HKUSS-1-5-21-1372614204-1890721380-4246619303-1001..Run: . (.The BeagleBrowser Authors – BeagleBrowser.) — C:UsersCoolmanAppDataLocalBeagleBrowserApplicationbeaglebrowser.exe
O42 – Logiciel: BeagleBrowser – (.BeagleBrowser.) — BeagleBrowser
O43 – CFD: 2015/07/30 13:37:35 – D — C:Program FilesBeagle Browser
O43 – CFD: 2015/07/30 13:38:05 – [] D — C:UsersCoolmanAppDataLocalBeagleBrowser
O43 – CFD: 2015/07/30 13:38:05 – [] D — C:UsersCoolmanAppDataRoamingMicrosoftWindowsStart MenuProgramsBeagleBrowser
O61 – LFC: 2015/07/30 13:35:41 A . (..) — C:UsersCoolmanDesktopbeagle_browser_setup.exe
O61 – LFC: 2015/07/30 13:37:54 A . (.The Chromium Authors.) — C:UsersCoolmanAppDataLocalBeagleBrowserApplication39.0.2132.37Installersetup.exe
O87 – FAEL: « {3E1F68E9-DAED-427B-9690-B2FB35E845A6} » .(…) — C:ProgramDatasyteme.exe
O87 – FAEL: « {84CB70B9-3C87-4605-B71D-C53AA16D9EE9} » .(…) — C:ProgramDatasyteme.exe



Remove Software

– Remove software in Windows Configuration Panel,

Remove with ZHPcleaner

Diagnose with ZHPDiag

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