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Boxore is a application that usually installs without your knowledge with free software downloads. Identified the 10/03/2015.


– It belongs to a family of PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program).
– Vendor : PUP.Optional

Main actions :

– It installs a plugin of the browser Mozilla Firefox (P2)
– It installs as a process launched at startup of the system (RP),
– It settled in the Base of registers to be launched each time the system (O4).
– It hijack key Winsock with its own resource (O10)
– It installs as a service to be launched each time the system (O23),(SS/SR).
– It starts a task planned in automatic (O39),
– It moved to the Windows prefetcher folder (O45).

ZHPDiag report:

– (.Olacarita OU – .) — C:ProgramDataOlacaritaLSPOlacaritaService.exe
– (.Olacarita OU – Olacarita.) — C:Program Files (x86)OlacaritaOlacaritaolacarita.exe
– (.Olacarita OU – Olacarita.) — C:Program Files (x86)OlacaritaOlacaritaolacarita.exe
– (.Joyent, Inc – Evented I/O for V8 JavaScript.) — C:Program Files (x86)OlacaritaOlacaritanode.exe
P2 – FPN: [ Update;version=3] – (.The Olacarita Group.) — C:Program Files (x86)OlacaritaUpdate1.3.25.0npOlacaritaUpdate3.dll
P2 – FPN: [ Update;version=9] – (.The Olacarita Group.) — C:Program Files (x86)OlacaritaUpdate1.3.25.0npOlacaritaUpdate3.dll
O4 – HKLM..Wow6432NodeRun: . (.Olacarita OU – Olacarita.) — C:Program Files (x86)OlacaritaOlacaritaolacarita.exe
O10 – WLSP:Catalog_Entries

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