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Neurowise is an advertising program whose objective is to earn money by generating Web traffic. It usually moved without your knowledge via the download of freeware. For consultation of some sites, like Amazon, it offers coupons on multiple products. It collects information about your navigation habits. It promotes its products (advertisements) and boosted the ranking of sponsored sites. It displays messages of safety on the instability of the system. It slowed down the performance of the system and internet navigation.
Identified 12/12/2015


– It belongs to a family of PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program).
– A polluteware is a software that pollutes storage and/or the Base of registers.
– An Adware is a program that adds other programs without the knowledge of the user.
– A toolbar is an additional internet browser bar.
– Vendor : PUP.Optional

Main Actions

– It installs as a process launched at startup of the system (RP),
– It changes the start page of the browser Internet Explorer (R0),
– It changes the browser Internet Explorer search page (R1),
– It installs a program of extension for browser Mozilla Firefox (M2)
– It installs a plugin for the browser Mozilla Firefox (M3)
– It installs a program of extension for the browser Google Chrome (G2)
– It is installed as a BHO (Browser Helper Object) of internet browser (O2),
– It installs as a service to be launched each time the system (O23),(SS/SR).
– It installs as a program (O42),
– It creates to many registry keys ‘Software’
– It creates additional folders (O43),
– It moved to the Windows prefetcher folder (O45),
– It creates multiple files users (O61),
– It creates a Legacy pointing to a malware service, key in the registry (O64),
– It creates registry keys Tracing (O100),
– It creates keys from registry CLSID (O101),

O23 – Service: Update neurowise (Update neurowise) . (…) – C:Program Files (x86)neurowiseupdateneurowise.exe
O23 – Service: Util neurowise (Util neurowise) . (…) – C:Program Files (x86)neurowisebinutilneurowise.exe
– (…) — C:Program Files (x86)neurowisebinutilneurowise.exe
– (…) — C:Program Files (x86)neurowiseupdateneurowise.exe
O42 – Logiciel: neurowise – (.neurowise.) — neurowise
O43 – CFD: 25/11/2015 – [] D — C:Program Files (x86)neurowise
SR – Auto Update neurowise (Update neurowise) . (…) – C:Program Files (x86)neurowiseupdateneurowise.exe
SR – Auto Util neurowise (Util neurowise) . (…) – C:Program Files (x86)neurowisebinutilneurowise.exe
HKLMSYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesUpdate neurowise
HKLMSYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesUtil neurowise
C:Program Files (x86)neurowiseupdateneurowise.exe
C:Program Files (x86)neurowisebinutilneurowise.exe



Remove Software

– Remove extension of all installed browsers
– Remove the plugin of all installed browsers,
– Remove software in Windows Configuration Panel,

Remove with ZHPcleaner

Diagnose with ZHPDiag

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