Remove AntiShortCut AntiUsbShortCut

security 265130 1280 - Remove AntiShortCut AntiUsbShortCut

New USB Worm ! It installs in the system root folder: C:AntiShortCutAntiUsb.exe Create autostart files: %USERSTARTUP%AntiShortCutUpdate.lnK %USERSTARTUP%AntiUsbShortCutUpdate.lnK It makes persistent with windows registry/h4> 04 – HKCU..Run : C:AntiShortCutAntiUsb.exe “” 04 – HKCU..Run : C:WINDOWSsystem32cmd.exe /c start C:AntiShortCutAntiUsb.exe “” & exit Propagation The infection will then spread on removable media by trapping its contents …

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