OTM by OldTimer

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OTM by OldTimer This is the official description of OTM by OldTimer. You can found the originial here. OTM by OldTimer is a multi-purpose removal tool that allows you to remove various items in the one go, ranging from bad processes to files to services and [...]


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ZHPFix ZHPFix is a security tool developed by Nicolas Coolman ZHPFix is a removal tool. With it you can remove, files, folders, uninstalling some software, cleaning the registry Base, remove scheduled tasks ... Please don't use it if you are not a user qualified. ZHPFix with the [...]

Farbar Service Scanner

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Farbar Service Scanner Farbar Service Scanner (FSS) is a tool develloped by Farbar. You can use it very easily. Farbar Service Scanner allows to repair all services having suffered damage caused by infection. It can diagnose network connectivity problems because of damaged or missing Windows services [...]

Eset Sirefef Cleaner

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Eset - Sirefef Cleaner How to know if my computer is infected by Win32/Sirefef, Patched.B.Gen, or Conedex : Your ESET product detects the threat Win32/Sirefef, Patched.B.Gen, or Conedex You believe that you are infected with a rogue antivirus such as "Open Cloud Security" You receive the message "Error [...]

Eset Services Repair

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Eset - Services Repair Eset Services Repair is a tool develloped by Eset. You can use it very easily. Eset Services Repair allows to repair all services having suffered damage caused by infection. It also checks the presence of services necessary for the proper functioning of the [...]


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DelFix DelFix is a freeware developped by Xplode. It is designed to delete all removal tools used during a disinfection. Today more features were added to this tool. With Delfix you can : Active UAC Remove disinfection tools Create registry backup Purge restore system Reset System Settings

UsbFix Free

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UsbFix by El Desaparecido is a specific program is constantly changing, designed by El Desaparecido, it removes all types of infection spreading through USB media as the famous "shortcut virus" ! UsbFix Main functions : Deleting infections : We can't do without [...]