bagle findykill - FindyKill

FindyKill is a disinfection tool designed by El Desaparecido & mOe. Its role is the removal of the Beagle or Bagle infection. It restores some security functions damaged by infection, such as Windows Firewall, Security Center, Safe mode, or the display of hidden files. During the “cleaning” the search tool and removes the archives containing …

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UsbFix Free

Icon UsbFix - UsbFix Free

UsbFix by El Desaparecido is a specific program is constantly changing, designed by El Desaparecido, it removes all types of infection spreading through USB media as the famous “shortcut virus” ! UsbFix Main functions : Deleting infections : We can’t do without removable media in everyday life, though they are the main targets for malwares, …

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