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Editor : | Version : 2023 (last version)
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Blockulicious is an extension for Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers.

Blockulicious capable of blocking websites with risks for your computer and your privacy. In fact, many websites (legal and illegal) freely available on the Internet offer malicious, inappropriate, prohibited or harmful to productivity. Access to malicious websites may result in the installation of malicious unbeknownst to user code.

Blockulicious is a free service that checks each address visited in your browser by blocking access to websites deemed to be malicious.
Moreover, even Blockulicious blocks malware without your knowledge connecting to harmful websites.
Thus, the malicious software on your computer becomes ineffective because it is not able to communicate through the Internet and / or browser.

Unlike other products, Blockulicious protects against security risks associated with adware (PUP, French unwanted software) that automatically install on your computer without your knowledge. Blockulicious also blocks websites deemed ahead of most products on the market.

Test Blockulicious and adopt it now!

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