Free Clipboard Viewer 3.0

Free Clipboard Viewer is a program used to view the information that is stored in memory when you use copy and cut functions of Windows operating system. A clipboard viewer displays the current content of the clipboard. Most applications for Windows support cutting or copying data to the Windows Clipboard and pasting data from the clipboard. The clipboard data formats vary among applications. The clipboard viewer is just a handy [...]

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Notepad++ Free

Notepad++ is a free (as in "free speech" and also as in "free beer") source code editor and Notepad replacement that supports several languages. Based on the powerful editing component Scintilla, Notepad++ is written in C++ and uses pure Win32 API and STL which ensures a higher execution speed and smaller program size. Furthermore, he can be extended through the use of plugins that provide extra functionality or improvements to [...]

Wondershare PDFelement

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Icon_Wondershare_PDFelement-100x100 Wondershare PDFelement Wondershare PDFelement PDF conversion   [...]

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