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Universal AV allows SecureAPlus to combine the detection rates of up to 12 industry standard cloud Antivirus engines – enabling detections to be diagnosed from multiple trusted sources instead of just one. This substantially lessens the instance of accidentally deleting or quarantining a perfectly safe file, otherwise known as a false positive. More than 10 antivirus engines are active all the time to protect against virus and malware without consuming a lot of your computer’s resources. This is made possible by leveraging the power of the cloud to make SecureAPlus as fast and as light as it is potent.

  • Immediately after installing, SecureAPlus will do an Initial Full System scan and whitelisting. Upon completion of this one-time process, subsequent Full System Scans with up to 12 cloud antivirus engines will be fast. Giving you more time to do more important things.
  • SecureAPlus automatically scans your entire PC against new threats upon booting up and on a regular basis (every 4 hours) to ensure that every session is totally secure. Virus Definitions are also updated regularly from within the Universal AV servers so there is no need to worry about updating each and every one of the 12 cloud antivirus engines that protect your computer.
  • The SecureAPlus on-demand scanner can easily be accessed through right-clicking a file or folder you wish to be scanned. This initiates a virus scan of a file or folder against the Universal AV cloud antivirus engines in real-time for immediate results.

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